HEY 45
fiction by Morwyn Brebner
photographs from the Middletown Press

64 pages, 2-color, paperback
Edition of 1000
ISBN: 978-0-9799188-5-8

Hey 45 is a hybrid book, which pairs a novella by celebrated Canadian playwright Morwyn Brebner with found high school sports photography. The real-life photography obliquely illustrates Brebner’s moving tale of family, adolescence and shame.

Morwyn Brebner is the author of the plays Music for Contortionist, the musical Little Mercy's First Murder and The Optimists, which was nominated for the 2006 Governor General's Award. She was a finalist for the 2008 Lou and Elinor Siminovitch Prize in theatre and is a playwright-in-residence at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. Her first short story, Kevin, was published in J&L Illustrated #1. She writes frequently for film and television.

Text edited by Miranda Purves.