fiction by 10 authors

drawings by 35 artists

208 pages, paperback, 4.75” x 7”
Black and white offset
ISBN: 978-0-9746908-2-7

J&L Illustrated #2 is the second volume of J&L's collection of drawings and fiction. The work was commissioned in 2004. All contributors were asked to submit work having to do with “Adventure." Volume one of the collection is out-of-print.

Fiction edited by Craig Taylor
Drawings edited by Leanne Shapton and Jason Fulford

Contributors include: Helon Habila, Miriam Toews, Kevin Sampsell, Adam Sternbergh, Paul Maliszewski, Sarah Shawn, Corey Keegan, Hannah Griffiths, Jeff Johnson, Nathan Whitlock, David Shrigley, Ryan Blomberg, Marcel Dzama, Forest Juziuk, Jason Logan, Justin Peroff, Amy O’Neill, Matthew Sandager, Serge Onnen, Jill Smith, Richard McGuire, Brian Rea, Harrison Haynes, Michelangelo Iaffaldano, James Gallagher, Olia Mishchenko, Leif Parsons, Gary Peter, Will Van Roden, Nick Dewar, Paul Marlow, Ryan Storm, Jemal Hamilton, Alex Romero, Zach Storm, Shawn Creeden, Brendan Nakahara, Al Peterson, Brian Rea, Booh Stoodio, Nicholas Blechman, Joe Mattson, Blixie, Tucker Nichols, and Michael Harwell

* The drawing on page 4 of crossed fingers is by Ryan Storm. It was mistakenly credited to Ryan Blomberg in the book. Sorry!