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Drawings on Geology, a Serge Onnen concept
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this is the second book based on a Serge Onnen concept (99% drawings ~ 1% text)
the first one came out with ZingMagazine #16. The next issue will be Caligaffiti – unreadability (or close to it) – 100% text ~ 99% unreadable or 'manual for hands'. Please find & send drawings of hands, or of text becoming form. No deadline; it's ready when it's good; Please send CD (tiff min. 300dpi) or other (nothing will be returned) to:

Volume 3, Serge Onnen
Prinsengracht 653
1016 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

J&L Books Inc.
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Atlanta, GA 31139

About this book

The Horizon is the easiest thing one can draw. Every human being can draw it. But because the horizon doesn't exist, it makes this drawing, into a conceptual action.

The idea and the image of the horizon and landscape is that of a very relaxing place. Is there any bigger cliché image that means:'relax' than the image of a sunset?

So why not stand up the horizon, push it down, and mine for more exciting images than of a relaxing dead line?

This is where the idea for this book came from. As soon as you start looking at the landscape as layers, and the motions of these layer, by natural or human forces, the relaxation is over. Under the horizon, you will find dark places. Above the horizon you will find lots of wet places. Nature is a place of constant confusion. In a lifetime you might think it's friendly or calm. But in earth-time, it's on the move constantly.

This is the second book, printed in simple black and white, based on the concept; drawings from all kinds of sources, meaning from cavemen drawing to manga drawings, around one very basic , drawing related , simple theme. The first book came out in 2001 as a supplement book with New York's Zing-Magazine 16#. Both books don't have captions, so the viewer is not too distracted by famous or unfamous names. The drawings are picked and present for the simple reason that each of them is a strong drawing fitting the theme, no matter if the maker is presenting himself as an artist or not. In the first book, with drawings of heads had not only work from artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Durer, Raymond Pettibon, Marlene Dumas, Paul de Reus, John Currin, Ellen Harvey or Matthew Monahan but also anonymous medical-, tattoo- and manga drawings.

In this book there are found drawings from the fields of meteorology, mining, maps, science, religion, military.

We deeply appreciate the courtesy of the following artists, galleries and organizations:
David Shrigley, courtesy Nicola Wallner, Copenhagen, DK
Paul Noble, courtesy Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York, US
Mark Dion, courtesy American Fine Arts, New York, US
Hans Broek, courtesy Tanja Rumpff, Haarlem, NL
Sebastiaan Bremer, courtesy Roebling Hall Gallery, New York, US
Matthew Monaham, courtesy Fons Welters, Amsterdam, NL & Anton Kern Gallery, New York, US
Olav Westphalen, courtesy Maccarone Inc., New York, US
Robert Longo, courtesy Metro Pictures, New York, US
Raymond Pettibon, courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles, US
Leonardo Da Vinci
Satoru Eguchi
Le Corbusier
Daragh Reeves
Maria Bussmann
Ellen Harvey & Alice Smit
Ben Polsky, courtesy Luxe Gallery, New York, US
Mathilde ter Heijne, courtesy Arndt & partner, Berlin, BD
Paul Nassenstein
Toba Kedoori, courtesy of Regen Projects, Los Angeles, US
Hannes Kater
Serge Onnen
KF Schinkel
Aam Solleveld, courtesy Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Carlos Roque
Caspar David Friederich
Albrecht Dürer
Arnoud Holleman
Jonathan Swift
Jules Vernes
Napoleon Bonaparte
William Wegman
Christine Rusch
Pope sixtus
Roy McMakin, courtesy Matthew Marks, New York, US
Marc Smeets
Geert Dekkers
Dan Ford, courtesy Pierogi, New York, US
Ando Hiroshige
Takelhara Shunchosia
Kinke Kooi, courtesy De Praktijk, Amsterdam, NL & Feature inc., New York, US

And many many anonymous masters above and under the ground

Very special thanks to:
Jason Fulford, Leanne Shapton, Ethan Crenson, Princeton Architectural Press, Zing Magazine, Jan Haux, the Drawing Centre, ISCP, Luc Smeets, Sebastiaan Bremer, Oorbeek and all the artists not mentioned by name whose work has made this what it is.

Made with generous support and help from:
Fonds voor beeldende Kunsten Bouwkunst en vormgeving, Consulat general of the Netherlands and Robert Kloos Director of Visual Arts & Architecture

concept: Serge Onnen for J&L Books
advice & typography: Sanne Beeren & J&L Books
webdesign: Ethan Crenson & Amanda Alic
printing: Westcan, Winnepeg, Canada
printrun: 2000 copies

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a database or retrieval system, or published, in any form or in any way, electronically, mechanically, by print, photoprint, microfilm, or any other means without prior written permission from the publisher.

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